How do you choose the cooling device?

There are some key points that must be considered during the process of selecting the appropriate air-conditioning system for your home, including:
- Make sure you have the course for the passage of the wires , and make sure the quality and thickness of the dielectrics used , it must be the separation of internal places in non air-conditioned and non- sun-exposed inch thick , and be used in the insulating outer cover sun-exposed areas of two inches thick .
- Make sure that the " filter " a genuine piece of the same brand the device to ensure the quality of indoor air .
- When going to choose the air conditioning must remember the question some of the factors that help in the calculation of the so-called convection for a place to set you the ability HVAC manner, and these factors are: space , lighting, and the number of individuals projected to be in place , and the presence of electrical chamber or not , the temperature place in summer .
For example, if you have room area of ​​9 square meters and sits with 3 people on an ongoing basis and 2 in a non- continuous and chamber apparatus electric refrigerator or television , and the sun is not perpendicular them , and the lighting in the room unusual , in this case the need for cooling device with a heat load of 1.5 hp approx.
Do not try to choose the capacity of the machine is less than the ability to provide the appropriate price , it does not guarantee you a quality satisfactory cooling of the place.

- Should you buy from an authorized reseller device available even has original spare parts , and must be sure not to monopolize the manufacturer of spare parts so as not to be high prices .