With the advent of the summer season starts all the people in the maintenance of their air-conditioners ; to operate as efficiently as possible , and start thinking about adding new devices to the cabins that are still without coolers ..
Learn with us through this guide how you can maintain your home cooling devices step by step .. If you need a new device , how you choose.
First, we must be aware that the periodic maintenance of the device gives you a number of benefits , including:
• Reduce the rate of electricity consumption significantly by follow-up and control of refrigeration compressors .
• give maximum cooling efficiency of the device.
• Provide air conditioner free of dust to protect the user from air pollution and prevent many of the malfunctions.
• Maintain sound device calm and comfortable , and to avoid leakage of Freon and clogging the filter .


Prevention before treatment

There are some simple tips that save you a longer life for your Tpriedk , and can be simply a commitment to follow them :
1 - Make sure that you have a maintenance contract includes tours periodically by maintenance companies to check the devices in summer and winter , and not to wait until the breakdowns .
2 - Be sure to connect electricity at home the right way , so as not to increase the load on the electric current , he spoke electrical malfunctions , and therefore damage to the compressor .
3 - Do not leave the device operates continuously during the night , better to be separated from time to time , so as not to Alkimbersor heated , and if the device is newly Vsicom disconnect electricity by automatically ( Alawvrlod ) to cool Alkimbersor .
4 - In the event of a breakdown of the parts needed alternative , make sure that the pieces that the maintenance worker installed the original , it is the same company that was purchased device including ; because the original spare parts are durable , but counterfeit Vdharrha multiplier result repeat failures and increase the cost.
5 - Make sure the type of freon that charges by the device if I had to , it Valfreon is the basis of the work of the machine, and there is no age to him by default , and if the device works well and efficiently it does not need to recharge , and the most important types are:
      - It is the best English .
     - Dutch is one of the good varieties .
     - Chinese cheap price but the quality is high.
6 - If you want to install a new device , you must be sure not to put the outer part of the cooling device next to the external part of the device , and be careful not to wall directly behind him ; because the air temperature with the heat Alkimbersor is causing damage to the device, even if the newly .

Important Tips

Regular maintenance is prevention , which leads to prolong the life of the machine , especially with the summer demand , and you have to learn to make a simple maintenance of the extraction filter, and wash it off and adjust the hose exchange in case of break it ; Because this process increases the efficiency of the device and keep it ..
And the periodic maintenance to you the following steps :
• Wash the filter cooling device regularly , especially during the summer ( once a month ) and unzip it to wash the filter and then filtered and installed again.
• decoding the basin , which collects its water emerging from the conditioner , and unzip it Cpkhalmthbth Bmsmaran at the bottom and top Alkondnsor ( responsible for shipping the compressor ) , and clean of sediment to end the problems of water leakage failures of the device inside the house .
• Note Hamadtha and electrical wiring , as well as the control and make sure they are insulated duct welding to avoid any short circuit or malfunctions , and make sure that the Department of freon intact.
• Clean (tubes ) water pipes coming out of the cooling device , so unzip the outside Khartoum and make sure there Ansdadeh , consider refer to the link from the external device and cleaned ; because it could be blocked.
• Make sure not to leak freon and by examining pipes with soap and water , then passed a wet sponge , if issued by Del bubbles on the presence of a leak.
• Do Bchhim lubrication and mobile devices ( like a fan , etc. .. ) ; through the fan lubrication oil foreign electricity.
• If the cooling rate is less than normal , you should clean Alkimbersor ( freon compressor ) and Alkondnsor air , then wash Alkimbersor ; Because all this increases the rate of cooling , but if it stays as it is the ratio will require this would ship with freon